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Easy Shrimp Boil Recipe (Recipe)

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1 pound Large shrimp peeled and deveined
6-8 Small red potatoes
2-3 Corn ears shucked and cut into thirds
(such as Andouille or smoked sausage) Sausage sliced into 1-inch pieces
quartered Onion
2-3 cloves Garlic minced
2 Lemons halved
2 tablespoons Old Bay seasoning (adjust to taste)
1 teaspoon Paprika
Salt to taste
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
(for garnish, optional) Fresh parsley chopped

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Easy Shrimp Boil Recipe (Recipe)

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  1. Prepare a large pot: You’ll need a large stockpot or a Dutch oven for this recipe. Fill it with enough water to cover all the ingredients.
  2. Season the water: Add the Old Bay seasoning, paprika, minced garlic, and a generous pinch of salt to the pot. Squeeze the juice from one of the lemons into the pot, and then toss the lemon halves in as well.
  3. Boil the potatoes: Bring the seasoned water to a boil, and then add the red potatoes. Cook them for about 10-12 minutes or until they start to become tender but are not fully cooked.
  4. Add the corn and sausage: Add the corn pieces and sausage slices to the pot with the potatoes. Continue boiling for another 5-7 minutes until the corn is tender and the sausage is heated through.
  5. Add the shrimp: Finally, add the peeled and deveined shrimp to the pot. Cook for 3-4 minutes or until the shrimp turn pink and opaque. Be careful not to overcook the shrimp, as they can become tough if cooked too long.
  6. Drain and serve: Using a slotted spoon or a strainer, drain all the ingredients, discarding the lemon halves. You can also place the boiled ingredients on a large serving platter or directly onto a table covered with newspaper for a rustic presentation.
  7. Serve: Squeeze the juice from the remaining lemon over the shrimp boil and season with freshly ground black pepper. Garnish with chopped fresh parsley if desired.
  8. Enjoy: Serve your shrimp boil with some melted butter, cocktail sauce, or hot sauce on the side for dipping. Don’t forget plenty of napkins!

Feel free to customize your shrimp boil with additional seasonings or vegetables like bell peppers or green beans. This recipe is quite versatile and can be adapted to your taste preferences.



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